Fintech or Regtech?
Series A or Series B funding?

New York Stock Exchange

Innovative application or service that you want to sell into the City of London?
Looking for a high quality distribution channel?

ExD can help

  • Provide interim senior sales management and business development services to software houses and Fintechs wishing to promote themselves in the City of London.
  • Assist in developing entry strategies for solution providers entering the UK market.
  • Act as a local representative or agent and deliver rapid commercial results.
  • Supply experienced “hands-on” sales personnel, with a proven track record, having worked in the regulated sector.
  • Based on its market knowledge, provide incisive and objective advice to clients.
  • Be less expensive than permanent staff and comes without the "baggage" or risk associated with recruitment.
  • Accelerate market penetration and gain competitive edge.