ExD's Mandate

Stock Exchange

ExD provides interim senior sales management and business development services to software houses and Fintechs who wish to promote themselves in the City of London.

Based on past experience, ExD can supply experienced “hands-on” sales personnel, with a proven track record, having worked in the regulated sector.

ExD is able to muster resources quickly, thereby delivering rapid commercial results.

Commissioning ExD is less expensive than hiring permanent staff and does not carry the "baggage" or risk associated with recruitment.

With the knowledge it has of the regulated markets, ExD is able to provide incisive and objective advice to clients.

ExD has a very international perspective, based on time spent in UK, Europe, North America, Japan and Asia.

Sales experience

ExD has extensive expertise in selling financial trading systems, software applications and managed services to banks, securities houses, wealth managers and alternative investment firms, in both London and international markets.

ExD has very recent knowledge from working in the mobile banking and digital Fintech space.

ExD has considerable experience developing small IT businesses which want to penetrate financial markets or grow their existing revenues rapidly.

ExD has direct evidence derived from owning, managing and selling profitable IT businesses through trade sales, maximising shareholder value.

ExD has experience of setting up and operating a managed service business on a SaaS basis, using a secure private cloud.

ExD has hired, set-up, trained, managed and mentored a number of City-based sales teams that have matured and progressed to higher echelons.

ExD has a track-record of over-performance against aggressive sales targets.


ExD has comprehensive experience dealing with City-based press and media relations, on both face-to-face and on a digital basis via social media.

It has created & successfully executed marketing campaigns focussed on the Square Mile and E14.

ExD has run direct-mail campaigns targeting City firms, using a “home grown” contact base.

City knowledge

ExD has worked supplying software, systems and services into the City for nearly 30 years.

It has detailed knowledge of order management, execution, clearing, settlement and custody processes and procedures.

ExD has a practical knowledge of a wide range of tradeable instruments – equities, fixed income, and structured products.

ExD has worked in both Retail and Wholesale securities markets, together with banking and wealth management.

Contact base

ExD has a comprehensive contact base with plenty of goodwill resulting from successful execution of responsibilities.

It is able to leverage recently acquired Fintech and Regtech knowledge, gained from the digital banking and mobile markets.

ExD has an enviable contact base of “C-level” executives, within the banking, broking and wealth management sectors, built up through years of personal business relationships.

Typical assignments

Achieved first integrated mobile banking/broking system sale for a financial systems integrator.

Transformed a loss making software company into a profitable business with high levels of recurring revenue.

Established institutional business with numerous US investment banks.

Achieved enterprise value software sales to major institutional securities houses.

Sold a range of financial systems to European & UK commercial banks.

Won business and managed relationships at highest level with leading UK wealth managers.

Account management of major UK full service bank for > 10 years.

Managed a customer service department providing software support to financial institutions across 6 time zones.